Next Level Engineering and Vertiv

Next Level Engineering is the official representative of the world wide laeder VertivGrey.pngVertiv (Еmerson Nerwork Power/Liebert).


Next Level Engineering, as Vertiv official representative, is your best partner guaratneeing completely your critically important equipment.

We will design, build, and service your critically important infrastructures. Our power solutions  have wide application such as Data centers, communication networks, trade and industrial production. We will ensure your critical equipment, presenting to you a wide and varied product portfolio.


Devices ensuring and guaranteeing your critically important equipment:

–          Uninterruptible power supplies UPS:

Vertiv (Еmerson Nerwork Power/Liebert) offers a vast range of UPS systems from 1kW to over 1MW which distinguish themselves with their effective work, realibility and flexibility. The devices can be confgured in the best possible way to ensure your needs.

liebert-gxt4-micro-700-3000-va-data-sheet-english–          Liebert GXT4 UPS, от 500VA до 10000 VA

–          Liebert EXS UPS, от 10kVA до 20 kVA


–          Liebert NXc UPS, от 10kVA до 200 kVA

–          Liebert EXL UPS от 100kVA до 1200kVA

–          Liebert PSI UPS от 750VA до 3000VA

–          Liebert APM UPS модулен UPS от 30kVA до 600kVA

–          Liebert ITA UPS- от 10kVA до 40kVA

–          Liebert PSA UPS от 500VA до 1500VA



–          Liebert Trinergy Cube UPS – от 150kW до 3.4 MW



–          DC power systems

When you need reliable power supply our solutions are the best choice. They are widely known for their reliablity for telecommunication networks. The uninterruptable power supply finds ever wide application in alternative IT networks. Our devices for uninterruptable power supply combine effective protection, reserve and ensure easy connection to renewable power supply sources.

–          Industrial UPS systems  – AC and DC

–          HPAC systems

–          Air conditioning and cooling of communication and telecommunication rooms

If you have equipment such as IT switches and others, installed outside Data centers, and you need to take care of the outgoing heat, our products will offer you energy efficient and reliable cooling, which in turn will prolong the life of your IT equipment. With their flexible design, they are easy to install, exploit and service:

–          Data centers – cool and air-condition correctly your Data center, reaching maximum energy efficiency. Our devices for air-conditioning in Data centers are highly reliable, with the optimum size and extremely low exploitation expenses. ensure and protect your IT equipment with the most flexible and realible devices.

–          In Row Cooling– to maximize your investment, you need devices for air-conditioning, specially produced for your needs. Our In-row air-conditioners are specially designed and manufactured for installation between servers and communications racks and cabins. The are applicable in small and medium Data centers as in Data centers with enormous heat load as part of a Cold Isle Containment. Through them you will receive a very high raliblity and will optimise your Data center management.

–          Rack cooling– You can heat your racks withoith extra energy; increase your reliablity and save space, air-conditioning  the rack itself with power up to 35kW.

–          Evaporative Free Cooling– you chose your cooling systems based on their price, reliablity and effectiveness. Our evaporative free cooling solutions are equipped with economisers and cool the air in a unique way in which you can lower your power supply expenses up to  50%.

–          Free Cooling chillers

–           Surge Protective Devices

–          Power control and monitoring.