Precision Air Conditioning

Our company Next Level Engineering offers solutions for precision air conditioning enabling you to sustain your vital company processes without interruption on the highest security level.

One of our preferred brands for precision air conditioning is Emerson. The company was found in 1890 in Missouri, USA, as a company producing electrical motors and ventilators. For the past 100 years, Emerson develops as a global producer and supplier of technologies for power supply.

The Liebert® HPC freecooling chiller achieves excellent energy savings  for data centers as a result of its freecooling-oriented design. The main source of cooling is drawn from the outside air temperature, which is then transferred to the data center floor mount units by means of high efficiency fans and pumps.

Liebert® HPC further utilizes in-built compressors for operation when outside air temperatures exceed freecooling limits.

The design, optimized for data center applications, allows operation with inlet water temperatures up to 26°C, thus increasing both freecooling and mechanical cooling efficiencies.

Liebert® HPC Freecooling Chiller Technology Maximizes Benefits for Data Centers.

EEEnergy Efficiency

Maximized as a result of:

  • Optimized freecooling system, achieved with integrated freecooling coils, hydraulic circuits and Vertiv™ ICOM™ control logic management
  • New, advanced DX evaporator optimized for R134a
  • Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)
  • Compressor design optimization guaranteeing high efficiency particularly at partial load.


ScrewsScrew Compressors

Each freecooling chiller features two semi-hermetic screw compressors, specifically designed and optimized for water chillers used in air conditioning applications. The screw compressors further ensure operation with minimized noise, making the unit ideal for noise-sensitive installations.


DBMinimized Noise Levels

Audible noise is  minimized  for silent operation as a result of HyBlade EC Fans and customized acoustic insulation.

EvalveElectronic Expansion Valve

This valve is designed to constantly optimize the refrigeration circuit’s performance in order to achieve the highest efficiency also at partial load.

DoublePanelIncreased Reliability with Double Electrical Panel

From 700 kW nominal capacity upwards, the freecooling chiller is equipped with two electrically independent control panels, both of which are supplied with dedicated Vertiv ICOM electronic control boards.

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