Arkan Jenerator

One of our partners is Arkan Jenerators.

The company was established in Istanbul Sefaköy in 2011 with 100% Turkish capital with the partnership of Alaattin Birkan Yuksel, Yahya Kemal Teryaki ve Recep Asirok to operate in the field of production, sales and after-sales technical services  of  generator groups.

The shareholders that have combined their experiences over 20 years in generator industry under the same roof aim at continuous improvement of this industry with their partners in accordance with market expectations.

Arken generator, with a manufacturing facility up to 7200m2 closed areas for generators from 5 kV to 2500 kVA, has a capacity of manufacturing 3850 Diesel Generator per year; and it uses today’s modern tools in all processes from supplier selection to manufacturing, and from product development to quality standards.

Arken generator, offering 24/7 technical support service, based on the principle of 100% customer satisfaction, constitutes a long-term and lasting partnerships through its high the quality services of sales and after-sales.
Arken generator, whose mission is to produce value-added products by making a difference in the industry, Arken generator, investing in technology with product development and project departments, continues to grow each passing day in domestic and overseas markets.

You can read more about the company  HERE.

You can also contact us for more information!

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